Published On: Sun, Oct 19th, 2014

Paul Stanley of KISS Says Anyone With Talent to Today is Just F**ed

(L-R) Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley,   KISS / Getty


So what if a bunch of kids today wanted to start a band like the legendary KISS. Says Paul Stanley, of the iconic band if it’d be  “us, we’d be fucked, ” as reported by Music Times.”Because the music industry as it exists today isn’t even an industry. It’s a shambles. And now the artists  are in a position to have to take what the public, so to speak, is willing to give them.”

But isn’t the public, so to speak, what made you who you are? KISS, how did you become successful? Some renaissance-era kings gave you a bankroll? Howeverthose artists in bygone eras didn’t have file sharing to contend with.

“File sharing is a fancy word for stealing, ” Stanley continued. “You can’t share what you don’t own. It’s like saying ‘transportation is borrowing, can I steal your car?”

In addition to the horrors of modern media, there is no way the KISS guys in today’s world could have hidden their identities, given the “new generation” of paparazzi.

Stanley concluded, “I am so sorry that the next 15 year old kid in a garage in St. Paul that wants to plug in his Marshall and turn it up to 10 will not have anywhere near the same opportunity that I did. He will most likely, no matter what he does, fail miserably.”

Stanley then lamented, where is the next Beatles, the next Bob Dylan. Anyone with talent should be satisfied with singing in the shower and then auditioning for the X Files.


(L-R) Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley,   KISS / Getty


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