Published On: Sat, Oct 18th, 2014

Bill Maher ‘Pissed Off’ about Ebola


BILL MAHER: I said in the monologue I was pissed off about Ebola and I am… People are nervous and I don’t blame them for being nervous. There’s a lot of talk now about whether we should have travel restrictions from that part of the world…

We don’t really know what the situation is here because the cat got out of the bag about a week ago and it takes more than that time to see if you’ve got the disease. So, it should have been quashed right away. I thought it was. I thought America had this. I thought this one thing we could do. Because when the first doctor came back, the one who survived it, we saw him get out of the ambulance, he had the suit on. It was like okay, this is not the third world.

Then one guy comes here from Liberia. One guy. And we couldn’t keep that contained because those morons in that fucking hospital in Dallas — sorry. Excuse me. I said I wouldn’t get this upset, but I did. Because they love their freedom down in Texas. They don’t like rules and regulations and telling us what to do and revenuers and the federal government. What could go wrong? This.


REP. BARBARA LEE (D-CA): Bill, clearly mistakes were made. But let me just suggest…

MAHER: Mistakes were made. Really? We’re using that passive voice thing now?

LEE: No, no, no. But, CDC, all of our health officials are really putting the correct protocols in place.


LEE: We have to understand that this is not a state of emergency, first of all.

MAHER: But they have no credibility because everything they’ve told us so far has been wrong. So when you say that, I’m skeptical.

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