Published On: Mon, Oct 13th, 2014

Six Israelis Break World Record for Open Sea Swimming

Six Israelis

After getting bitten by fish, encircled by dolphins, enduring sleepless nights and sore muscles, six Israeli men broke the world record for open sea swimming. They set out of Cyprus and finished in Tel Aviv, in 6 days, 380 kilometers and 162 hours. Coach Uri Selah said, “We did it. Our muscles hurt and our hearts are filled with joy.” The Guinness Book of World Records is expected to recognize the feat after confirming it, as reported by Ynet.

The group is raising awareness about preventing pollution of the seas and to keep oceans safe and clean for swimming. Oded Rahav, Uri Selah, Udi Arel, Ben Anosh, Doron Amosi and Luke Shetbon swam in shifts, for one hour, four times a day, each averaging 2-4 kilometers before another swimmer took over. Uri Selah prepared his team mates for every scenario, from jellyfish to sleeplessness and cold water. One thing they weren’t prepared for was a pod of dolphins, who, although fascinating company, created counter currents that hindered the swimming, but the group swam on.

While swimming at night, Ben Anosh was bitten by a mysterious fish. He said, “It was scary and on the third time I felt it biting on my leg, I woke everyone on the boat up, but I didn’t consider stopping for a moment, even if it were a shark.”

The Israeli Environmental Protection Minister, Amir Peretz, as well as representatives of  Zalul NGO, an organization that promotes environmentalism in the seas, welcomed the group when they arrived in Tel Aviv.

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