SuperCom to Present Payment and Mobile Money Solutions at the Cartes Show



SuperCom, an Israeli provider of Electronic Intelligence Solutions announced that it will be presenting MAGNA – Mobile money and banking services platform, and SuperPay – Secure Mobile Payment to the Global marketplace, at the largest global events on Payment, Identification, and Mobility, The Cartes Secure Connexions 2014, in Paris on November 4-6th.

The company also stated that it will reveal its third quarter earnings on November third during the convention.

SuperCom’s SuperPay suite is a secure mobile payment hybrid suite, which it says allows mobile users to securely perform mobile payments. The company long list of secure payment methodsĀ and utilizes biometric authentication features already integrated in advanced smartphones such as iPhone 6 – Touch ID, Galaxy 5 – Fingerprint scanner, and external biometric authentication.

The PureMoney platform provides a wide range of mobile money and banking applications and services using a hybrid of components and services to enable secure mobile transactions. PureMoney is equipped with an array of money transfer and communication capabilities including USSD, WAP, WiFi, 3G, SuperPay[TM], and utilizes biometric authentication features already integrated in advanced smartphones.

The MAGNA OnePlatform Solution, Supercom says, provides national ID registries, e-passports, biometric visas, automated fingerprint identification systems, digitized driver’s licenses, electronic voter registration, election management, border control e-Gate, mobile biometrics.

Based in Herzalya, SuperCom was founded in 1988.


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