Watch Promo for Handsome Brute Liev Schreiber’s Ray Donovan Coming Back in 2015

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So now I’m happy. Because I was so sure the gods of television would see they had on their hands a masterpiece that just got better and better, with two stunning actors, Live Schreiber and Jon Voight, and they’ll decide, as they often do, to mess with it, or spin it off, or just plain kill it.

But, no, boys and girls who love gritty, uncompromising television, Showtime’s “Ray Donovan” will be back for a third season, possibly in July, 2015. 12 episodes.

We could use 23, but who listens to us?

Christian Post reports that the show’s third season is already confirmed. In fact, as soon as the second season ended, Showtime sent out a promo video promising folks of little faith like us the third season is happening, but with nothing about the schedule.

Hallels reported that Showtime president David Nevins promised the show “will be filled with complex and interesting characters to give its audience compelling television to look forward to for season to come.”

Hey, don’t be so specific, you’re giving away everything… Compelling characters? seriously? What will they think of next…

Hallels says Hank Azaria (FBI sexually perverted bigwig Ed Cochran) is hinting his character is going to go even sleazier. “Ed Cochran will then strengthen out and root for cleaning up the situation; and ends up being the worse version of himself.”

Azaria said his Cochran is “definitely not a likeable guy.”

Liev Schreiber’s title character ended the season in a contemplative state of mind. He still roughed up and killed people—only when he absolutely had to, but there was a sadness to him, a growing and overpowering sadness. Like the promo voiceover said: “You don’t know who you are anymore, Ray.”

Jon Voight (Ray’s hated father Mickey Donovan), Katherine Moennig (Ray’s unhappy wife Lena), Steven Bauer (Israeli muscleman Avi), and Kerris Dorsey (the musclewoman, Bridget) will all be returning for the show’s third season, according to Hallels.

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