Published On: Wed, Oct 1st, 2014

Economic Horoscope for October: Terrible First Half, Then Great Hope

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October opened a difficult economic aspect that will last until 10/10 Surprises and unexpected turning points may undermine economic organizations. The withdrawal of Mercury in Scorpio from 10/4 to 10/25 will also not help economic stability.

10/1-4 The sun is in a 90-degree aspect to Pluto. This aspect explains the crisis, warfare, or security situation that might affect the financial market.

Mercury’s retrograde will increase strikes in all sectors, especially education, medicine, transportation, causing delays and mishaps in maintaining normal work routine due to strikes, slowdowns and a general sense of chaos.

During the Mercury retrograde it is recommended not to start a new job or a new project, not to get into big, new purchases, not to start a business and not sign contracts and agreements. This period is more appropriate for inventory, business restructuring, and dealing with issues that are important, but are normally pushed off, even though they are important to keeping things fresh.

10/5-9  The Sun is in Libra opposite Uranus, ushering in another wave of surprises, shocks, vibration and situations that have the potential to be changed without prior warning, and could cause the collapse of the market, financial systems or a large company, resulting in mass layoffs.

10/6-10 Venus will be in a 90 degrees cardinal quadrilateral in relation to Pluto, signalling the collapse of a large economic entity, a major bank or a similar vital institution, affecting banks and mortgages.

Venus at 180 degrees to Uranus in Aries indicates a severe economic crisis following world events.

After 10/12 we will see an improvement. The Sun is in a positive aspect to March in Sagittarius, creating a positive environment in Israel for trade-related finance abroad and for foreign currencies.

10/13-15 Venus is in Libra at an harmonious aspect (60 degrees) to Jupiter in Leo, permitting profits from business and the financial markets. There will emerge a sense of relief and hope for something new that would awaken the markets.

10/15-24 Jupiter in Leo will be at 90 degrees to Saturn in Scorpio – a bad economic aspect. Reality will strikes us in the face again. Hope will be gone and there will be a pervasive sense of disappointment. It’s time to beware of large investments and of making promises. Do not make nor believe promises.

10/24 Planets Venus and Sun enter Scorpio, an aspect that’s primarily engaged with money: spare money, severance pay, insurance money, inheritance money or money owed you from judgments. Pay attention and be calculated, don’t make impulsive decisions. Now begins a better period to deal with the issues mentioned above.

10/25-29 Mercury ends its withdrawal officially, but its effect will last until 10/29. Better postpone new starts, purchases and contracts until 29/10

10/27 Mars visits Capricorn and favors career issues and financial situation. This will facilitate carrying out tasks in a practical and wise manner, as well as creating changes to the point of clarity and understanding.

On the days between 10/28-31 Mercury is in an excellent aspect to Jupiter in Leo. It’s a good time to start a new job, a project, sign agreements, engage in acquisitions, and create opportunities to develop business ventures.

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