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Anti-Israel Survey: 6 in 10 Americans Say US Gives Too Much Aid to Israel

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As many as 60.7 percent of Americans believe the United States gives “much too much” or “too much” foreign aid to Israel, according to the survey report American Public Opinion on U.S. Aid to Israel released on Tuesday by the decidedly anti-Israeli Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, IRmep.

According to the survey, which is being cited as is around the Internet today, 33.9 percent of Americans say Israel receives “much too much” U.S. foreign aid, while 26.8 percent feel it is “too much.”

As part of the 1979 Camp David peace treaty, in which Israel handed back to Egypt a land mass more than double its own size, The U.S. agreed to gives Israel $3 billion annually, to compensate for the resulting strain on Israel’s military budget.

Despite the enormous size of its economy, the U.S. is not a very generous giver to others on the planet, and so Israel’s $3 billion constitutes 9 percent of the foreign aid budget.

Egypt receives $1.5 billion, and the rest of the world receives a whole lot less than either of these two neighboring countries.

Naturally, the IRemo survey, dedicated to saturate the media with anti-Israeli facts and figures, did not bother its subjects with the above facts. As a result, only 25.9 percent of those polled believe the Israel foreign aid is “about right” while 6.1 percent think aid is “too little” and 7.3 percent say it is “much too little.”

Younger Americans are most skeptical about U.S. aid to Israel. Almost 65 percent of adults under the age of 34 said such aid is excessive.

Only the wealthiest Americans (earning $150k and above) believe aid is “about right” at 47.6 percent. However 42.9 percent within the same income category think aid is “too much” while only 9.5 percent think it is “too little.”

According to IRmep, most Americans (63.9 percent) believe Israel has an arsenal of nuclear weapons. IRmep speculates that this belief may make them resent costly demands to buy weapons to maintain Israel’s so-called “qualitative military edge” since Israel has long possessed the ultimate military deterrent.

Interestingly, IRmep opens its cards at the end of its press release, and touches on a subject matter that’s not directly related to whether or not America should bolster the Zionist conspiracy against everything that decent in the world – they pull in the Iran nukes.

“A majority of Americans (58.5 percent) mistakenly believe that Iran also has nuclear weapons, ” declares the IRmep survey, having laid the ground work with its own speculations regarding the Israeli nukes.

“No western government or intelligence agency claims Iran has built a weapon. However a sustained campaign by anti-Iran groups in the U.S. and news media failures have apparently led most Americans to believe an Iranian bomb already exists.”

Who are those anti-Iran forces, one wonders…

The survey was fielded between September 26-29, 2014 to just over 2, 100 adults with an estimated margin of sampling error of 2.2 percent.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Annie22

    October 1, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    From posting online, I know most people don’t know the
    details of the money we give Israel. Israel gets 3 billion a year ¾
    of which has to be spent in the US, all on munitions. This has been
    a great help to US economy. Israel also develops plans for weapons,
    which she gives to America to build. I’ve read the Iron Dome and
    drones are at least partly Israeli innovations, as was Stuxnet.
    America gives money to many countries. I don’t think others give so
    much back to us.

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