Barbra Streisand Partners with Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon


Barbra Streisand and Jimmy Fallon

For the first time in decades, Barbra Streisand ¬†appeared on late night television to promote her new album “Partners” with duets with the living and the deceased, including Elvis Presley. After starting the show by singing together, the two discussed life and album covers.

Streisand confirmed that the rumors that she was reluctant to perform for decades was due to threats over her 1966 kiss with Arab actor Omar Sharif on “Funny Girl.” At her next show following the threats in Central Park, there weren’t enough cops, and Barbara confessed she “freaked out.” So I “didn’t sing in public again in 27 years.” Wow, that’s a real case of stage fright. Right after telling this story, her “Come Rain or Come Shine” made a big hit on Twitter.


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