Security Experts Say Israel Must Unveil Nuclear Capabilities as Deterrent

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/By Ami Dor-On/

“Israel must maintain its policy of nuclear ambiguity. Nevertheless, if, at some future point, Middle Eastern countries, notably Iran, shall develop nuclear technology which Israel would deem as a threat, then Israel should partially unveil its nuclear capabilities, as a deterrent.” This is one of the main recommendations of the “Daniel Project, ” jointly established by security experts from Israel and the US in order to assess the threat to Israel’s national security, posed by Middle Eastern countries, Iran in particular. The detailed, top secret recommendation of the “Daniel Project” were submitted on January 16 2013 to the prime minister at the time, Ariel Sharon.

The “Daniel Project” was set into motion based on the assumption that Israel’s security must be constantly stepped up in view of the threat posed by “irrational countries” and non-governmental terrorist armed with non-conventional weapons. It is believed this threat represents the immediate danger to Israel’s existence. Therefore, Israel must preserve its first strike capabilities and develop them further, in order to maintain its ability to launch a preemptive strike, primarily based on an airstrike and augmented with ground-based means.

Based on the report by “Daniel Project” members, the threats posed to Israel stem from two fronts. The first is a conventional war initiated by a coalition of Arab countries, whether joined by Iran or not, and the second – an unconventional attack using weapons of mass destruction (WMD) – atomic, biological or chemical, whether in the framework of a first strike or in the course of an escalation of a conventional armed conflict.

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