Marilyn Monroe Jeans Sold and Secret Lesbian Affair Revealed


monroe in jeans

New documents disclose that Marilyn Monroe had a long-term secret affair with her German-born acting teacher, Natasha Lytess. It is reported the two lived together “like man and wife” for two of the seven years they worked together from 1948 to 1955. This isn’t the first time that stories about Marilyn Monroe’s lesbian side have surfaced: she was said to have had affairs with Joan Crawford, Marlene Dietrich and Barbara Stanwych.

Of course, there is a sale of clothing involved in the newest Marilyn Monroe sex revelation, and this time, it is a pair of flannel-lined jeans the goddess of the screen gave to Lytess, starting for $648 to be auctioned at


Natasha died of┬ácancer in 1964, and said that Monroe would insist that she held her and when filming a scene. “Very often, during close-ups, I had to hold her hand. I had to support her every time.” The close-ups were often above the shoulder, so no one could see the hand holding.

Marilyn Monroe said of Lytees, “She made me free. She gave me balance and made me understand life. I owe everything to her.”


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