Liberal Billionaire Tom Steyer Says Kochs Suck


Farallon Capital Management Founder Tom Steyer Interview

Is it hypocrisy or cash versus cash?

Liberal Billionaire Tom Steyer is using his stockpile of cash to fund candidates opposed by Republicans funded by the wealthy Koch brothers, who favor energy development over green policies. ┬áRepublican candidate Dick Wadham’s called Steyer a “hypocrite” but that would be so if Steyer’s main issue were campaign finance. However, Wadham, who notes Steyer’s agenda is to fight global climate change, benefited from coal projects which were funded by Farrallon Capital Management which he left in 2012. Then again, he left in 2012, so who knows.

Steyer said he would give $50 million to support candidates who run on an environmentally friendly agenda, with his NextGen Climate Action group. The group has targeted Terri Lynn, a Republican candidate for Senate in Michigan, with connection to the Koch brothers. An ad funded by Steyer’s group accuses the Koch brothers of owning a refinery that dumped toxic material. The ad says “Michigan has been dumped on enough. On election day, let’s dump Terri Lynn.”

NextGen Climate group is making concerted efforts to win over swing voters. This can be done by outspending the Koch brothers, but tactics may seem aggressive to some. Both groups expect elections to be close, therefore, much will be spent on both sides for barnburner elections, regardless of weather the burning barns will cause global climate change.


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