Published On: Mon, Sep 1st, 2014

Cameron to Pass New Laws Curbing Homegrown Islamists’ Freedom of Movement

UK International Terror Threat Level Raised To 'Severe'

British Prime Minister David Cameron is planning to announce new laws on Monday intended to stop UK Islamists returning from Syria and Iraq from launching attacks on British soil, Reuters reports. The decision follows the now infamous video of a British citizen beheading American reporter James Foley.

The announcement today comes after Cameron last week raised Britain’s terrorism alert to its second-highest level, because of ISIS threats.

Ministers from Mr Cameron’s Conservative party say the new laws will enhance Britain’s defenses against the threat from radicalized Islamic extremists, who are expected to start coming back home with violent plans against their fellow citizens.

The junior partner in Cameron’s two-party coalition government are worried about the limit the new legislation will impose on civil liberties.

The new measures include a temporary ban on the re-entry of British Islamists who have fought in Iraq or Syria.

Airlines may be obligated to share more data about passengers from the Middle East.

These suspected British nationals would be allowed to keep their citizenship, may not re-enter the country for a yet unspecified period of time, according to the BBC, citing a government source.

The government is also looking at ways to make it easier for the authorities to remove Islamists’ passports through temporary seizure powers at the border.

Conservative MP Edward Garnier told the BBC: “I don’t complain about the government trying to get its head round this issue. What we need to be careful of in parliament is that we don’t just say and do things because it sounds good, when we could do those things already.”

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