Published On: Sun, Aug 31st, 2014

Mort Zuckerman on McLaughlin: Obama Losing Confidence of the Business Community’

Mort Zuckerman on McLaughlin

US News and World Report Chairman and Editor-in-Chief and publisher of The New York Daily News Mort Zuckerman thinks President Obama “has lost the confidence of the business community” on this weekend’s broadcast of “The McLaughlin Group.”

“[The economy] has…grown by about 2%, 2.1%, for the last five years, which is the lowest rate of growth coming out of a recession we have had ever, since the Great Depression, ” Zuckerman argued, adding, “And what’s more, that only took place, not because of the fact that the economic environment was that good, it’s because we have a hugely stimulating monetary policy and fiscal policy. We have run up huge national debt and we have undermined the value of the dollar, and this is in my judgment not representing a good economic policy” he argued. And “he [Obama] has lost the confidence of the business community and the business world in terms of where it counts, which is investment, and new plant[s] and equipment.”

Zuckerman believes the national debt would “restrict what we are going to be able to do as a country for decades, ” and “we have a situation where we are losing the competitive edge that we had, not totally, but in many, many areas.”

We offer you both parts of the program. The discussion about President Obama is in PART TWO.

The McLaughlin Group 8/29/14 PART ONE

The McLaughlin Group 8/29/14 PART TWO

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