Published On: Tue, Aug 26th, 2014

Serge Hoyda Evicts Preserve 24 ‘Concept Restaurant’ Even as Per Se Manager Is Trying to Buy It


Landlord Serge Hoyda filed suit last week to evict Preserve 24 (aka Aegis Holding Houston LLC) at 177 East Houston Street, corner of Allen, BoweryBoogie reports.

This is to be expected from Mr. Hoyda, whose own website declares:

Government restrictions, zoning, construction, tenant or other major issues might turn others away from a building or project. Serge views it all as a challenge; he is exceedingly able to take what appears to be an overwhelming problem and dissect it into individual issues. Efficiently driving a project through fruition, dealing with one piece at a time, has always been a key to Serge’s success.

There you have it.

Serge Hoyda

Hoyda was awarded a final judgement of possession in the amount of $726, 761.67 with the warrant of eviction, according to public court documents cited by BoweryBoogie.

Preserve 24, on the sassy Lower East Side of Manhattan, was not a success story. They basically went way bigger than they should have, and so they died, about two months ago, closing their doors and posting the note: “remodeling with new ownership on the way.”

Yeah, well.

The suit alleges that, upon closure of the restaurant on June 27, Anthony W. Rudolf, General Manager of Per Se—the New American and French restaurant on Columbus Circle—bought the business assets and is now the new principal of the company.

As property owner, Hoyda is not happy at all that the new ownership is “imminently about to perform renovations to the premises, ” as he alleged in court. Hoyda claims that, based on its lease, the third party is not permitted to sell to anyone, and Rudolf is not allowed to start any work, because no permissions were given.

The court issued an “order to show cause” summons which is now publicly pasted in the windows. Humiliation in no uncertain terms. According to Judge Carol Edmead, the defendant restaurant must appear in court on September 8.

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