Published On: Sun, Aug 3rd, 2014

Jim Cramer Says ‘Do Nothing’



What does CNBC’s Jim Cramer suggest amid the plethora of global crises and market sell-offs? Take a breather. The “Mad Money” host whose motto is “there is always a bull market somewhere, ” has recently said on his program that it is not so clear which stocks are attractive, and it might be a good time to take a pause from buying. Unlike his stock picking calls on “Mad Money” this general call was made without the usual bells, whistles sound effects or props.

Cramer was bullish on aerospace, industrials and autos, but the question over possible sanctions against Russia may create a stalled economy in both Russia and Europe. Violence in the Middle East adds to the uncertainty. He has said that there are few retail stocks worth considering, and even those stocks whose declines might otherwise have provided a buying opportunity are worth staying away from until a clearer picture emerges.

The bull market so far this year has left investors reluctant to sell, because selling hasn’t been a good strategy. Buying stocks on a decline, he added, is useful if you understand the reason for the selling:

“Now, we all know the backdrop has gotten bad. That’s in the no-kidding element of it all. We know that people have written off whole cycles that were good just a few weeks ago. They want to be early. You just have to ask what ‘early’ is.”

Cramer recommends that all but the short-and-cover type should just not take action, because it is hard to know how hard stocks are going to fall or on which piece of news.   He added, “When you see the news, it doesn’t make you think that good times are ahead. You might want to pause in your buying.”


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