Published On: Mon, Jul 28th, 2014

Whey Protein before Breakfast May Ease Diabetes

whey protein

Studies show that consuming whey protein before breakfast eases blood sugar spikes often seen after meals and can moderate the body’s insulin levels. Diabetics and others with blood sugar irregularities may improve with whey protein on an empty stomach in the morning. The study was conducted by Israeli scientists,  Professor Daniela Jakubowicz and Dr Julio Wainstein (Wolfson Medical Center, Tel Aviv University), Professor Oren Froy (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Professor Bo Ahrén (Lund University, Sweden) and colleagues.

Consuming protein stimulates peptide-1, which in turn increases insulin production. Insulin regulates blood sugar and many diabetics have to take insulin to control irregularities and blood sugar spikes. The results from the experiments showed that those who consumed whey protein before breakfast showed 28% lower blood sugar levels than the control group. Those tested had type 2 diabetes and were not taking special medication.

The study concluded:

“In summary, consumption of whey protein shortly before a high-glycaemic-index breakfast increased the early and late post-meal insulin secretion, improved GLP-1 responses and reduced post-meal blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetic patients. Whey protein may therefore represent a novel approach for enhancing glucose-lowering strategies in type 2 diabetes.”

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