Published On: Thu, Jul 24th, 2014

Drab Hoody Bethenny Frankel Berating Critics on Instagram


Bethenny Frankel strikes back at critics on Instagram after a photo of her with the caption “This is my four year old daughter’s nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we are ready to start sharing clothes yet?” was  met with a furor of criticism over what signal the reality TV superstar was sending to her daughter, herself or to other women about body image.

The developer of Skinnygirl cocktails and author of many titles concerning weight or the lack thereof, such as The Skinnygirl Dish and Skinny Dipping obviously thought the comments about her possibly creating  weight neurosis in her daughter by donning the four year old’s pajamas were wearing more than a little thin. Her response was to glower at the camera with all the whimsy of a suspected felon in a mugshot, while wearing a drab hooded sweatshirt with nothing at all suggestive in it , apart from the fact that the word “Nantucket” is reminiscent of a famously lewd limerick. The cheerful picture bore no caption, because Bethenny Frankel probably felt the gesture needed no explanation.

Frankel insists that her daughter asked her to try on her pajamas, and the doting mother was merely responding to an innocent request. However, one wonders if the daughter also demanded her mother post the photo to Instagram or if Frankel, given her famous skinny preoccupation, at least in her choice of cocktails and reading material, could have been all that surprised by comments such as,  “Really don’t think you’re sending your daughter a good message. She probably thinks, ‘Wow, my mom’s a lot older than me and can fit my clothes, so I must be really big for my age. (sic).”  Then again, others might feel this accusation involves squeezing too much societal obsession into the mind of an average four year old, much like squeezing into the said four year old’s pajamas. At least Bethenny, instead of a Skinnygirl cocktail, refrained from serving her daughter a Skinny Shirley Temple; the outrage would have reached a similar crescendo.

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