Published On: Mon, Jul 14th, 2014

Lookout Facebook, Israel Moving to New Respect Network

Will new social networks that promise anonymity be the doom of social networking services like Facebook?

Respect Network CTO and co-founder Drummond Reed
Tel Aviv has now joined the new Respect Network. It is the fourth city in the world to do so.

The launch of Israel’s participation in the service is to be celebrated at a gathering tonight in Tel Aviv’s Jaffa Port. That is if there are no rocket attacks to disrupt it.

Are you tired of all those social networking and free e mail services taking advantage of your personal information? Do you constantly get unwanted solicitations and wonder how these companies know how to target you?

Well, Respect Network has an answer. It’s the world’s first global private network of personal and business clouds. Headquartered in San Francisco, it was founded in 2011 and now has a coalition of more than 70 Founding Partners. Its purpose is to empower members anywhere in the world to safely share sensitive private data over trusted private connections, just as easily as they can share data publicly on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ today.

Based on the principles of Privacy by Design, Respect places all private data in a member’s own personal and business clouds, hosted by their choice of cloud service provider (CSP) around the world. All sharing is over direct peer-to-peer connections—there is no middleman.

For a onetime fee of only $25, users get a personal cloud, a safe place to store their personal data, and connections to friends, family, business associates and businesses. It can be accessed from any device and the user always has complete ownership and control. On the Respect Network, a personal cloud is also a safe place to share data through connections that a user can make with other people and businesses on the network.

The major difference from Facebook is that Respect will not use a person’s information to sell targeted advertising to that individual.

All of Respect’s affiliate sites and companies must sign an agreement not to use any member’s personal data for anything other than what was originally agreed to by that individual. Violators are removed from the service.

The name registry used by the Respect Network is governed by an international, not-for-proft organization,, and operated under contract with by Neustar, one of the largest registry companies in the world. is a not-for-proft organization governing open public services based on the open standard XDI semantic data interchange protocol from OASIS.


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