Published On: Mon, Jun 16th, 2014

Rick Rubin Is Teaming Again with Kanye West

Music production legend Rick Rubin is working with Kanye West again.


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Music producer Rick Rubin has confirmed that he is once again working on an album with Hip Hop legend Kanye West. The new album, which will be West’s seventh studio LP, is described as “Yeezus’s second half”, and is due to be released later this year.

Yeezus is a Grammy award nominated platinum album the two have collaborated on in 2013, and Rubin is reportedly “looking at vocal ideas” for its newly-announced follow-up.

BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe will air an interview with Rubin later this week, in which he discusses a meeting that he had with West when the rapper started initial work on Yeezus.

“There were loads of great ideas and there were many, many tracks, and we listened to everything together, ” says Rubin in the interview. “He originally came over and said ’I wanna come play you my new album’ and I thought we’d be listening to a finished album. Then we listened to about three hours of music, most of which didn’t have vocals, and at the end, I was like ’wow, so what’s it gonna be?’ I’m thinking it’s a year away and he was like ’well, I’m putting it out in like 5-6 weeks’. It was just a funny conversation because it was completely normal to him, it’s just the way he works.”

The the hip-hop producer states that West wanted Yeezus to have sixteen tracks, but was eventually persuaded by Rubin to trim it down to ten. Last year Rubin told the Daily beast about it: “I said, ‘Maybe you should make it more concise. Maybe this is two albums. Maybe this is just the first half’.”

On Kanye West Rubin said, “I love him, I think he’s a great guy, super smart and from a creative standpoint, I can’t think of anyone who has been more consistently great from the time they started making music until now. I can’t think of anyone else, I think he’s the most consistently great creative person in music today.”
For his part, Kanye West said last December that his Yeezus follow up would be even shorter than part one. “Eight songs, just reducing down the amount of information that you need, ” he said.

Hip Hop artist Q-Tip is reportedly co-producing the album with Rubin, and electronic producer Evian Christ has been asked to write some beats for it. One source told Billboard magazine that the record has “nothing abrasive. [It’s] mostly a mixture of soul samples and tamed Yeezus-esque darkness.”


Frederick Jay “Rick” Rubin, 51, is an American record producer and former co-president of Columbia Records. He founded Def Jam Records with Russel Simmons and also established American Recordings.

Rubin has worked with world renowned performers such as, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Run–D.M.C., Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Slayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jay-Z, Danzig, Dixie Chicks, Metallica, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Weezer, Linkin Park, The Cult, Neil Diamond, Mick Jagger, System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, Melanie C, Audioslave, Sheryl Crow, ZZ Top, Adele, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, and Eminem.




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