Arise Sir Daniel Day-Lewis


Day-Lewis to receive a knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honors for his services to drama.


Daniel Day-Lewis / Getty


Daniel Day-Lewis, whose trophy cupboard is already home to three  Oscar statuettes, all of them for best actor as well as numerous other awards, has been informed that he is to receive another major accolade – a Knighthood from Her Majesty the Queen in her Birthday Honors List for this year.

The son of former poet laureate Cecil Day-Lewis and actress Jill Balcon, Daniel is regarded as being one of the most serious  method actors in the film industry, hand picking the  parts  he chooses to play, having appeared  in only five films since 1998,  after which he enters deeply into the character until he temporarily assumes their identity.

Some of the best known examples of Day-Lewis living his part, is when spent several days, living under canvas in an abandoned oil field deep in the heart of Texas, while he was stepping into the shoes of the fictional oil baron Daniel Plain views during the making of “There Will Be Blood” in 2007, for which he won his second Oscar.

When playing the part of the real  life character Gerry Conlon a member of the so called “Guildford Four” who were wrongly charged and imprisoned as members of the IRA  in the 1993 film “In The Name Of The Father”, Daniel spent two days in “solitary confinement” in  an actual prison cell without food and water.

Cecil Day-Lewis and Jill Balcon

Daniel Day-Lewis is,  in almost  every respect, a complete antithesis of a typical movie star, shunning the bright lights of Hollywood, living in the tranquil and peaceful surroundings of Co. Wicklow,  in Southern Ireland, with  his wife Rebecca , the daughter of playwright Arthur Miller, although the couple maintains a home in New York.

Daniel made his  breakthrough onto the big screen, after a long career in  the British theater in 1985  in the  drama “My Beautiful Laundrette”. Apart from his Oscar winning performances in “ My Left Foot”, “ There will be  Blood” and “Lincoln”,  Day-Lewis’s  other acclaimed film performances include “ The Last Of  The Mohicans”, “The Age Of Innocence” and “A Room With A View”.



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