Published On: Sat, Nov 30th, 2013

December 2013 : The Danger And The Rewards

/By Pnina Katz/ 

961377662-205x120On December 21, Venus in Capricorn begins to retreat. This retreat will end on January 31, 2014.

Venus in Capricorn symbolizes poverty, and reductions relating to material wealth.

Mars is entering Libra, and will remain with us until July , including the several months taken withdrawing during 2014.

Between December 25th and December 31st the stars will form a T square, which we have already seen this year, but this time it is very strongly defined and more strongly linked to the sun, to Pluto and Mercury – and they form a 90 degree angle to Uranus and to Mars.

This indicates an increase of tension in the world where the threat of war could break out and become the centre of attention in the months ahead, with clearly negative economic implications.

First week of December

The month opens successful because of the relation between the Sun and Uranus. It is a time for surprises and a positive economic turn-around. News is everywhere optimistic which aligns global markets. It is a good time to address banking issues, to sign contracts, engage in commerce; technology and media will both be good sectors.

You are advised though to exercise caution during the two days between December 5th-7th. Guest Mercury arcs with a negative aspect to Neptune in Pisces- this indicates a possibility of attempted fraud. You are advised not to make large purchases on these days or you could buy a pig in a poke. You should not even sign contracts where these may contain sections that are important but which have a chance of being overlooked, or going unnoticed. There is a risk of loss or theft of funds.

Second week of December

The week starts with excellent foreign trading conditions, buying opportunities, bargains, negotiating successfully. Technology transfers, inventions and developments; all of these will be in full bloom.

As of December 11th though, we begin to see events that are bound up with scandal; scandals, lies and disclosure of embarrassing events financially. This will bring also property “stings “. Beware of people who try to lure you to making business or financial investments.

World events will then be associated with the need to prepare for shortages. This is of course a time to listen carefully to economic insights, to rely on sober summaries and analyses of the year that was and the new year that lies ahead.

Third and fourth weeks in December

This is where the month starts to become problematic. Events that will take place during this period can affect the world for the next two months.

As of December 16th, we enter an atmosphere particularly dangerous and potentially violent.
Under the influence between March and Uranus physical events occur such as violent accidents, indeed there is a risk of a particularly dramatic air crash. However this violent aspect might also call for the outbreak of war in troubled parts of world, bringing forth a general intervention .

Clues will intensify towards the end of the month, especially on Christmas Eve.

From December 26th to the end of the month, the aspect of stars is a precursor for difficult economic conditions resulting from war, or major damage caused by extreme natural phenomena, and these may develop in the coming months.

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