The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture approved the use in new development of pesticide based on non-toxic and edible oils


The development “Tamar Tech” is innovative plant-protection product. When sprayed on the plants in the field or in the greenhouse it covers the leaves, stems and fruits, protecting them from attacks by insects, spider-mites and fungi.

The core of this product is an emulsion of vegetal oils, extracted from certain plants. Therefore it is an organic product. It is harmless to plants, vertebrates or to humans. It may be applied also shortly before the harvest. It is removed from the consumed part by normal rinsing in running water.

The product was developed in the ARO (Agricultural Research Organization) in Israel during the last 5 years with the Israeli laboratory “Agro Shelef”. The experience accumulated in Israel on over 200 ha of beef and cherry tomatoes, strawberries and other crops, brought about an up to 80% reduction in the use of chemical pesticides.

This success has led to a current large-scale experimentation project throughout Israel in commercial production of citrus and 300 ha of cucumbers. Some of the crops in which “Tamar-Tech” has demonstrated its beneficial effects are: tomato, bell-pepper, cucumber, zucchini, Aubergine, strawberry, flowers, herbs and citrus. The main arthropods controlled in vegetables and fruit trees are various spider-mites, including Red Spider-mite (Tetranychus urticae), different aphids, greenflies, whiteflies, e.g. Bemisia tabaci, mealy bugs, and thrips. The main fungi diseases currently controlled by “Tamar-Tech” are Oidium, Oidiopsis and Alternaria.



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