Published On: Sat, May 18th, 2013

Folloyu: the Multi-screen platform which rapidly changes global e-commerce

Alfred Shaffir  Folloyu

Alfred Shaffir Folloyu

By Yael Segev /

Just 2 years ago Alfred Shaffir was demonstrating the Israeli high tech dream. Living in the green Israeli Sharon area with his wife and 2 kids and working as an engineer in the semi-conductor industry. At the same time, the charismatic Alfred has completed his MBA studies and started to feel that he might be destined for more.


The idea occurred to him while playing online chess. Alfred, whose wife asked him to leave the PC in order to drive his kid to a friend’s house. Suddenly Alfred knew that that was it. The next step, he tells me, was taking the decision to give up his promising job and dedicate himself to his venture – Folloyu, a platform enabling the user to switch devices in the middle of online activity/session, such as shopping, gaming or financial trading, etc.


The company was founded in April 2011. “I started from nothing”, tells Alfred, “I had no background neither in entrepreneurship nor in this industry. I invested the seed capital for the product development, and performed marketing and sales activities on my own. I actually put everything I had in the company, including my heart and soul.”


Folloyu that was recently defined by “Global Entrepreneurship Week” organization as one of the 5 promising start-up companies worldwide, developed a unique solution that utilizes the web-enabled devices we use, to increase businesses’ online customer retention and conversion rates. The solution allows customers seamlessly switch device while in the middle of a session and resume on from the same spot they left off.


Folloyu’s user interface is very straight forward and the implementation process usually lasts less than 5 minutes.  A new user can log in and open a free account or a premium one with a free trial period of 30 days. A simple copy/paste action and the Folloyu widget is automatically displayed on your website pages. Common CMS plugins are available such as: Joomla, WordPress, Blogger and Drupal).   The tab is fully customizable; displays a few options for a user to get his session transferred to another device. A  special QR code they can easily scan with the mobile devices..  The scanning opens up a browser window, which is pointed to the same spot that the user has visited before he left the website. In addition, users who prefer to send themselves the link to their last visit page via email, to be opened on any browser, at any given time.


However, website owners are able to do more than linger visitors stay within the site. Folloyu’s app also keeps track at websites traffic, letting the website owners recognize which pages are being transferred the most, and what are their visitors’ preferred devices.  This info may be highly important when it comes to understanding the client’s needs


After a few “low-tech”, gaming, financial trading etc.).


Are there any competitors in your field?

Alfred: “No, Folloyu offers unique  package of services. Although Amazon offer a new feature called “send to Kindel” which enables to scan articles to your cell phone, there is no other platform that offers a comprehensive solution for website session continuity across devices”.


The company headquarters are located in Israel, and it also employs programmers in the Ukraine. Recently, Folloyu has secured first round of funding from the European fund ‘Wadi Ventures’.


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