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Fraud operation exposed in connection with secret Swiss bank accounts


A group of Israelis are suspected of swindling a Swiss bank and stealing millions of dollars from the numbered account of an Orthodox Jew. The gang is believed to have targeted additional businessmen for future sting operations and blackmail.

By Cellia Shani

Mordechai Tzivin

Mordechai Tzivin. exceptional connections

Swiss police and Interpol are investigating fraud operation exposed in connection with secret Swiss bank accounts. Besides emptying the account of their prey, gang members, working together with a bank official, may have undermined the Swiss banking bastion.

According to Mordechai Tzivin, the victim’s lawyer, $3.7 million were taken from the account of his client – a businessman who divides his time between the U.S. and Israel and is known for his many donations to the community. Tzivin claims many Jews, especially Orthodox millionaires from Israel, the U.S. and the United Kingdom, have secret accounts at this specific bank, depositing money that goes unreported to tax authorities.

The bank’s agent, whose job it was to bring in new clients, was apparently in financial straits at the time he met the victim and is believed to have sold his client’s account numbers to a prominent crime ring in the north of the country. Once the suspects received the religious businessman’s information, they allegedly faxed instructions to transfer funds to banks in Athens, Las Vegas, Germany, and England – a total of 15 such instructions for different amounts and at different times.

The orders failed to alarm bank officials since the victim’s original signature appeared on each– apparently obtained from checks provided to various beneficiaries. The suspects also sent a letter on stationery belonging to a fictitious lawyer, introducing them as diamond merchants requiring cash to finance transactions undertaken by the victim. All the money was withdrawn in cash.

The affair was revealed when a bank clerk – since dismissed – received a telephone call from the victim asking to withdraw $200, 000 and the surprised employee informed the client that his balance was only $8, 000.

Tzivin claims hidden account holders are classic victims for such deceptions since they usually avoid complaining and refrain from suing the banks publicly for fear of exposure – a vulnerability that the suspects may have exploited. The client is presently negotiating with the Swiss bank for the return of his original deposit, in addition to expenses and damages

Although the affair was referred to an investigating magistrate and Swiss police, many of the details actually were discovered through a private investigation by the firm of Focus Security Consulting & Investigations, under Gil Shmueli – a former Israeli government security agent.

Interpol is dealing with this case – the gravest of its kind in Swiss history – with extreme severity, since the suspects possessed lists of additional Jewish businessmen with accounts in this bank who were probably targeted for future sting operations and blackmail.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. JackLoach

    March 13, 2016 at 11:36 pm

    Swiss Bank –Pictet & Cie.

    Once called the Rolls
    Royce of Swiss Private Banks
    , a member of the Swiss Private Bank Association.
    An association that has shrunk by 25% since the financial crash. The
    member banks Wegelin and Hottinger were lost through bankruptcy.

    Pictet & Cie Bank
    and Lombard Odier Bank seeing the collapse of both Wegelin Bank and
    Hottinger Bank were advised to become limited liability companies to
    avoid the same fate has both Wegelin and Hottinger. Other members are
    also considering this course of action.

    Pictet Bank by becoming
    a Limited liability company thus relieves the bank and its seven
    partners of their two hundred years unlimited liability. This
    basically means that the seven partners have been advised that their
    own monies invested in their bank is at risk. I’ll bet they haven’t
    informed all their investors / clients of the risks.

    Pictet have a long list
    of outstanding litigable offences against them , which if they were
    outside the banking fraternity would be criminal and result in major
    prison sentences. It is quite obvious why Pictet do not have a bank
    in America. They have one in every other major financial centre. The
    reason being the USA imprison corrupt bankers.

    Ivan Pictet in
    particular operated like a modern day Don Corleone , being in
    positions of power ( Chairman of this and CEO of that.) a
    philanthropist with other peoples money . He even had an Auditorium
    Built in Geneva and named after him with monies illegally obtained.
    In 2013 he was given the Legion of Honour which was quite apt —
    seeing that Franco – – Hitler — Mussolini —- Himmler have one.

    He was an exponent of
    the — bare faced lie — he had crucial incriminating documents
    destroyed —– he said the bank had no involvement with MADOFF —-
    in fact they let Madoff steal the money then they conned the money
    off him.
    Madoff was sent to
    prison for 150years — Ivan Pictet got a medal.
    The lawyers in the Madoff case sued Pictet bank for $135 million

    The Swiss newpaper the
    Anglo exposed a Pictet Ponzi scheme that robbed USA investors of some
    $90 million dollars.

    The Pictet Bank hired
    the top lawyer in Britain to take me to Court, but one week before
    the case I let Monty Raphael Q.C that lawyer have sight of the
    evidence I was putting before the Court basically showing that his
    clients Pictet Bank had acted criminally.. I went to Court with my
    legal team — Monty Raphael.Q.C. never turned up. The judge was
    furious — my barrister suggested it was contempt of court. The
    Judge made sure my legal costs were adequately re- imbursed .

    There in no way the
    Pictet Bank and its lawyers will risk taking further legal action
    which might result in them being imprisoned like Bernard Madoff.

    The Bank will not be
    using Monty Raphael .Q.C. again in this or any other case.


    American judge/lawyer
    stated that you can be the richest man in the world with the best
    lawyers money can buy but you can’t win against a man who has got
    nothing to loose and his telling the truth. —— thanks to the
    Full Story —-
    Google —- ivan pictet/monty raphael.

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