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The Tower On Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Opinion: On Brexit and the Jews

  It is an unscientific but observable law that the more important an era is, the more dangerous it is. There is, quite simply, more to be won or lost in such times. In this sense, the two great More...

The Tower On Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

White House: Uranium Discovered by IAEA Likely Tied to Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program

Obama administration officials concluded that particles of uranium found at Iran’s Parchin military base and revealed in the International Atomic Energy Agency’s final report on the country’s past More...

Iran - Photo Regional Center for Strategic Studies
The Tower On Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Iran’s Long Con in Iraq

  In June 2014, the Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani, the foremost Shia leader of Iraq, issued a fatwa encouraging Iraqi Shias to take up arms against ISIS. In the short term, this has had a resounding impact More...

The Tower On Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Hamas Plans 13 Public Executions in Gaza, Challenging Abbas’ Authority

Hamas announced that it will carry out 13 public executions in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, presenting a challenge to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who must approve all execution orders. The More...

Dori Gold and Saudi Anwar Eshki / Washington Institute for Near East Policy  YouTubege_2015-06-05 Washington Institute for Near East Policy  YouTubege_2015-06-05_Gold_Eshki
The Tower On Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

Moderate Arab States Indicate Flexibility Towards Peace Initiative With Israel

In the wake of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s positive response to Egyptian President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi’s call for peace talks, moderate Arab states have been reaching out diplomatically More...

Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees
The Tower On Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Syrian Refugee at Congressional Briefing: Israeli Aid Is Helping, but More Needed From West

  The aid provided by Israeli humanitarian groups to displaced Syrians can serve as a lesson for how people from different countries, religions, and political perspectives can work together to ease More...

ECB European Central Bank
The Tower On Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

European Banks Avoiding Business With Iran Due to Money Laundering, Terror Finance Concerns

European banks remain skeptical of doing business with Iran because the country continues to be blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force, a global watchdog supported by more than 30 Western countries More...

Israel - happy,   dance,   people Photo Hadas Parush  Flash90
The Tower On Friday, May 13th, 2016

Why Israelis Are So Happy, Despite the Challenges

Israelis rank among the happiest nations in the world, despite living in a hostile region, and the explanation why “probably lies in indicators not considered in standard surveys, ” Avinoam Bar-Yosef wrote More...

FeaturedImage_2016-05-11_Flickr_F35_Israel Approved as Only Country U.S. Allows to Modify F-35s
The Tower On Friday, May 13th, 2016

Israel Approved as Only Country U.S. Allows to Modify F-35s

Israel’s first shipment of F-35 fighter jets from the United States in December will come with a bonus – it will be the only country allowed to modify parts of the plane, Wired reported Tuesday. The More...

The Tower On Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Defector Iranian Pilot Threatens to Seek Asylum in Israel So He Can Take Down Regime

An Iranian helicopter pilot who defected to Turkey last year has threatened to move to Israel and work against the Iranian regime if it does not stop harassing his son and wife, the Times of Israel reported More...


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