Published On: Mon, Nov 20th, 2017

Gambling Regulations in Australia and the Recent Changes


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Gambling is a multi-trillion pound global industry. From land based casinos and betting shops to the online world. However, the rules and regulations surrounding gambling varies from country to country and in some places, state to state. Australians love to bet and play casino games as much as anybody else, but the government has made changes to sports betting and gambling legislation this year. So what does this mean for people who like to bet and for operators who are looking to run online casinos in the country?

The law before the changes were made in March this year meant that Australian operators couldn’t run an online gambling service within the country and couldn’t advertise these services either. There were loopholes that could be exploited though and these saw Aussies play at offshore online casinos. Like with most people, Australian’s prefer online sports betting and casinos thanks to the better prices, bonuses and promotions that are on offer.

In March however, changes were made to close all of the visible loopholes within the previous Gambling Act. This means that now even offshore sports betting and casinos brands aren’t allowed to offer online gaming and gambling services to Australians. In fact, only if the operator holds a gambling license under the law of an Australian state or territory they are allowed to provide gambling services; and some sports betting operators like have taken the trouble to conform. However, the changes in the law are aimed at the operators, with players who visit these unlicensed online sites not at risk of facing legal action.

There will likely be problems that arise due to the changes and people who feel they’re unnecessary. The internet is a big part of daily life for most Australian’s, as it is in most places around the globe. People Down Under are doing a lot of their daily business online be it shopping or banking. With gambling a hugely popular form of entertainment in the country it seems the government is doing everything they can to keep it away from the online world.

The major issue that will arise is player safety. With online casinos and poker sites now not allowed to offer their services to Australian’s, the major operators will not allow people from the country to register and play. Accounts will also be closed. Leading casino operators offer players high levels of safety and security while playing their favourite casino games. If Australian’s can’t play at these sorts of places anymore it opens the doors for unlicensed and unregulated operators to gain players. This means money, details, safety and privacy are all at risk and probably will be compromised at some point.

The changes were made in good faith by Australian politicians in an attempt to keep online players more safe. In actual fact though, the reality is that it will potentially lead to many of them being even more unsafe when gambling online than ever before due to them likely to visit these unregulated and unlicensed sites. Maybe Australia should follow the UK’s lead in terms of a gambling act that allows UK operators to offer their services as long as they meet and comply with all of the rules and regulations.

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